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Demolish A House With A Party Wall

Demolish to rebuild is part of demolition services Melbourne. The reasons for embarking on such a project are many: dangerous housing, want to build your own home on existing land, wish to keep only a few walls and rebuild the rest on your own. However, things have tended to be complicated when the project concerns a terraced house. Indeed, even if your home is yours, the fate of the wall that connects your home to your neighbor does not depend on you. Indeed, the owner next door also has a say! It is therefore impossible to go headlong into the destruction of a semi-detached house without knowing its rights, its duties and the steps to be taken to realize its project in the rules of the art and in all legality! So where do we start?

Demolition terraced house: regulation

First of all, note that the wall that separates your two homes belongs to you as much as your neighbor. Thus, you cannot start demolition work by demolition services Melbourne unless you agree, unless you do not intend to touch the wall in question. In the opposite case, you will have to start by asking for the authorization of your neighbor. The best is to inform him orally and in writing, by means of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. If the owner does not object to your project, consider making a written document that includes all future work, to avoid any disagreement later. Note however that the simple agreement of your neighbor is not always enough to start demolition work. Indeed, you will need a permit in the following cases:

If the municipality where your home is located voted to obtain the demolition permit as a mandatory procedure.

  • If your home is on a historic and / or protected site
  • If your home is near a monument

Nevertheless, the authorization of demolition can be granted within a building permit.

House Destruction: “What if my neighbor does not agree?”

Needless to say, demolition projects often scare owners of terraced houses. Indeed, the small mistakes of the craftsmen can have big consequences! And yes, your neighbor must not end up with a gaping hole in his wall! As a result, it is not unusual for the latter to oppose such work. If this is the case, know that there are several solutions available to you. First step: seize the President of the High Court. Its role will be to designate an expert who will be responsible for producing a report and determining whether the proposed work will be detrimental to the soundness of the wall in question. If it detects anomalies in the project, it will propose technical solutions to remedy it. To name a few that the costs of the expert are your responsibility.

A copy of the report is then delivered to your neighbors. However, they can challenge the conclusions and ask for a second opinion. If your neighbors continue to challenge the reports, you will only have to file an application before the high court.

How to demolish a house with a party wall?

Once all the regulatory documents and authorizations are available, all you have to do is start the demolition work. “But how to do it?”. Very good question! The task must be delegated to a team specialized in the field of demolition by demolition services Melbourne. The latter must be particularly well informed about the security and environmental measures (among others) that surround her community.

The demolition of a house with a wall is a particularly complex task that requires the intervention of experts in the field. Do not hesitate to turn to the brokers of La Maison Des Travaux to find the most competent craftsmen in your area.

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