In 7 Haunted Places In India, You Will Even Scare The Most Brave People!

India is a changing landscape and natural wonders such as impressive mountains, sparkling lakes, turquoise seas, lush vegetation, lakes and kaleidoscopes of crystal clear water islands. India also has fascinating monuments, and palaces and fortresses have their own stories. In addition, there are many places in India that are frequented. The tragic story of sad people and their heartbreaking extreme events, India is full of ghostly places of adventure seekers.

There are terrible places in Kolkata, such as the National Library, Racecourse, Hastings House, Park Street Cemetery, Saraval Lavendela, Khidderpore Marina and Ghats Ghats. The broken bridge in Chennai, Besant Avenue Road and Laned East Coast Road are also pleasant.


The fascinating places in India like Haunted Places in India are strange and imaginative, and the existence of ghosts becomes real and active around their entire environment. Let us start from the most terrible place in this country:

1) Places frequented by India – Fort Bhangarh, Alwar, Rajasthan

This is the most terrible place in India (Haunted Places in India). The terrible factor is the grave, which is no less than the Indian archaeological service agency’s approval and warns people to explore this place after dark.


The story says that Tantrik Singhia fell in love with Princess Ratnavati, who disagreed with her feelings and ordered the death penalty. For revenge, Tantric completely cursed the city.

2) Kuldehra of Jaisalmer

Kuldehra is an abandoned and demolished village and is considered a terrible place in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. This is the story of an endangered person. A pastor named Salim Singh fell in love with a girl in the village. In order to protect the girl, about 83 villages disappeared overnight, and because of her fate, no one had ever lived in Kuldehra.

3) Horror Story – Tunnel 33

On the Kalka-Shimla railway, it is one of the most Haunted Places in India. Captain Baroge, the British engineer, oversaw the construction of the tunnel, but he could not do it. The British punish and punish him and commit suicide. There are rumors that his unhappy spirit will roam in the tunnel.

4) Bollywood Nightmare – Mukesh Mill in Colaba, Mumbai

It was destroyed by a fire. In many activities, including the shooting of several famous Hindi cinemas, they were interrupted because the crew felt a chill, a mysterious shadow and a strange and disturbing feeling.

5) Royal Calcutta Jockey Club

This is another Haunted Places in India where people see a terrible white horse on a full moon night. A long time ago, George Williams stayed in Kolkata and was a racing enthusiast. He owns a white horse named Pride, who is the champion of all races. As time goes by, pride has aging and debilitation. After losing Derby for a day, she was found dead on the track.

6) Evil House – Agrasen ki Baoli of Delhi

The most mysterious of all the fascinating sites in Delhi is considered to be an evil house. Once filled with black water with supernatural powers, driving people to commit suicide by flow, the well of Well 104 will still have a terrible feeling.

7) From Monte, Chennai

This story involves the entire colony built by Portuguese businessman De Monte. His family life made him feel sad and sad. Mr. De Monte often explores this colony. People saw him groan in the moonlight, opened the door and relaxed in the rocking chair. Colonial streets do not allow intruders to invade. Even the stray dogs and pets that flowed in have disappeared inexplicably.

There are few places of magic in India

Cities like Pune, Goa, Shimla, Hyderabad and Bangalore have strange and strange stories in other Haunted Places in India. Some of the most charming hotels in India are Brij Raj Bhavan in Kota, Savoy de Mussoorie, Fern Hill in Ooty and Morgan House in Kalimpong. These places are famous tourist destinations, but they have a terrible strange feeling in the air.

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