In the Red: Bankrupting Casinos Before They Bankrupt Us

For the last three years we have prevented construction of two “inevitable” casinos through creative campaigns and direct action. We will continue to stop the two proposed casinos with your help.

Casino-Free Philadelphia’s In the Red campaign aims to persuade casino investors Neil G. Bluhm (of SugarHouse) and Ronald Rubin (of Foxwoods) to abandon their plans for casinos in Philadelphia.

The campaign involves personalized actions designed to educate the public about how their two casinos, if not stopped, will inflict financial damage to families, communities, local businesses and our city budget. More and more people are waking up to what Bluhm’s and Rubin’s casinos truly would be: Part of a financially tanking predatory trade based on addiction that peddles false hope to those in desperate need.

With continuing pressure from citizens, through our In the Red campaign, Mr. Bluhm’s and Mr. Rubin’s involvement will be exposed as predatory, and the casinos they propose for Philadelphia will be driven out. We’ll bankrupt the casinos before they bankrupt us.

A Message to Neil Bluhm, Delivered on Oct. 8, 2009


We need to talk.

We understand you’re going to be breaking some ground today down by the Delaware. We hear you want to open a slots parlor even though your other one, in Pittsburgh, just opened to less than half its expected revenue. We know you’re threatening to sue Pennsylvania for authorizing additional slot machines in an already saturated Philadelphia market. And we see that your $180 million construction loan has been rated “junk” status — too risky to justify investment.

We’ve got a different idea. Something truly groundbreaking. A vision of Philadelphia without predatory gambling used to balance its budget. A community that comes together around sustainable economic development, and commits to providing essential social services. A city that doesn’t sell off its neighborhoods for the benefit of billionaires like you, Neil.

Groundbreaking Visions for Philadelphia

TODAY, Thursday, Oct. 8 at 2:00 PM

Frankford & Delaware Avenues

Frankly, Neil, our vision — Philadelphians’ vision — for a better city doesn’t include you. We know these casinos are simply a way for you to add to your billions, and you don’t mind that your slots parlor will eliminate three jobs for every one it creates.

We’ll be there this afternoon at 2:00 PM.

We’d prefer that you not be.

Leave Philadelphia, Neil, or we’ll bankrupt you.

With Love,