Try Something New With the Temporary Tattoo

Find a new way to communicate with customers and potential new customers, using your company name and logo in temporary tattoo. It is both fun and unique and a great way to engage stakeholders.

Instead of paying large sums of money or recurring advertising costs on your business in billboards or newspapers, creating custom temporary tattoos can make your customers become your advertising campaigns at low prices. price. Let them spread their brand and corporate image to everyone they meet, not only the public’s recognition of the company, but also their specific testimony as a customer satisfaction.

This is a new approach: fun, novel, and creative, and if you can design a tattoo with the right combination of colors and themes, it can be very fashionable.

Temporary tattoos are only available on the applicant’s skin and have received the Australian Standard: Toxicological Requirements for Children’s Toys (AS 1647.3). Tattoos can last up to five days and can be easily removed as needed: by immersing them in water, you can wipe the tattoo with a cloth. They are simple and fun and can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

Look for tattoo adhesives that can print over 1,000 companies ranging in size from 38 x 38 mm to 76 x 102 mm. This size range is ideal for temporary tattoos and a more profitable impression. Many companies have a minimum order volume of 500. For some activities or businesses, this seems too much, but you may be surprised by the speed of adaptation.

Promotional tattoos allow you to use any graphic art, whether it’s your logo or a design created for a specific event (including photos). The tattoo will be printed in four colors and white will be added as the fifth color.

Special designs can be printed on your company’s temporary tattoos to help guide your business to children or other specific groups of people. The best temporary tattoo companies should be reasonably priced and a very effective way to draw public attention to your business. Promotional tattoos are also an ideal way to promote charity, cultural events, fundraising or any other advertising object.

Before investing in a temporary tattoo ad, you need to know the demographics of the company’s products or services you are planning to sell, and may even ask some of your customers who are really willing to use tattoos for your business. Applying artwork on the skin may not be like other The target market is as popular, so make sure your demographics are interested in this idea. Although you don’t always want to use temporary tattoos, sometimes as fun, fundraising or other activities, you can happily change your mind.

When you search, check out the company’s official website and make sure it provides a wealth of information about how to print tattoos and the limitations they will face. You must specify how much you can contribute and collaborate on designing your temporary tattoo. You have to make a lot of contributions. Usually, the price depends on the complexity of the design and the quantity you want to order. Therefore, before confirming an order, you must ensure that it has been quoted and that you are satisfied with the price. It may be a good idea to review previous designs and the work they do to determine capacity.

The use of temporary tattoos can be questioned because they disappear only after a few days. Once you apply your tattoo to a customer, it will show to many people and problems will occur. Despite these concerns, the benefits of temporary tattooing for advertisements in newspapers, billboards, or television commercials are not only a feeling of the community, but also a close relationship between the company and its customers. The fact that your client wears his logo on his body proves his perception of his company or event. Temporary tattoos have a uniform effect: they can unite one or more activities as an ambassador for the brand without any other form of advertising.

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